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6 months w/ The SunJack solar charger

Earlier in the summer this year, I had the opportunity to work with Harold Tan and his innovative portable solar charger, The SunJack. My friend and I brought the versatile charger into the backcountry of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and into the toasty Death Valley in California for product testing and photography. 6 months later, the chargers are holding up without issues and have been used to charge USB devices such as my GoPro camera and smartphone. This design contest winner by Fayyaz_56 features 4 images taken in the Sierras and in Los Angeles (with photo credits to Sarah Kristin Ward and Dora Lee). Below are a number of top picks by yours truly from the photoshoots.

Check out the SunJack solar charger via their Facebook page ( and website (
The full brochure design can be viewed at:

SunJack design contest winner

IMG_0083 IMG_1555 IMG_0621 IMG_1717 IMG_1788 IMG_3529 IMG_3968 IMG_3974 IMG_8725

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