• El Valle de Antón, Panama
    El Valle de Antón, Panama
  • Sunshine Coast, Canada
    Sunshine Coast, Canada
  • Volcano Poás, Costa Rica
    Volcano Poás, Costa Rica
  • Proboscis Monkey, Malaysia
    Proboscis Monkey, Malaysia
  • Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia
    Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia
    Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Lago Bayano, Panama
    Lago Bayano, Panama
  • Ipetí  Emberá, Panama
    Ipetí Emberá, Panama
  • Piriati Emberá, Panama
    Piriati Emberá, Panama
  • Pha Daeng Luang village, Thailand
    Pha Daeng Luang village, Thailand
  • Visakha Bucha Day, Thailand
    Visakha Bucha Day, Thailand
  • Wat Doi Suthep, Thailand
    Wat Doi Suthep, Thailand
  • Alpha Farm, Oregon
    Alpha Farm, Oregon
  • Climate Rally 2013, Los Angeles, California
    Climate Rally 2013, Los Angeles, California
  • Skookumchuck Narrows, Canada
    Skookumchuck Narrows, Canada
  • Cowichan Valley, Canada
    Cowichan Valley, Canada
  • Pasture 42, California
    Pasture 42, California
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  • Lesley and Coco
  • Photo by Jonathan H. Lee / www.subtledream.com
  • Photo by Jonathan H. Lee / www.subtledream.com
  • Pasture 42 | www.pasture42.com
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  • Photograph by Jonathan H. Lee // www.subtledream.com
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26 days till Nepal

In 26 days, I will land in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I will be greeted by the beautiful faces of 3 friends who have been there since the multiple earthquakes that completely changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nepalis. I will be greeted by destruction on scales I will not be able to articulate with words. Many lost their lives and loved ones, and even more are still deeply affected by the natural disaster that has been off the radar of mainstream media as well as the minds of most people.

I feel so fortunate in this life. My day-to-day personal and first world problems do not even come close to the immense obstacles that my global family members in that region face. To be absolutely honest, I felt helpless and terrible in not being able to financially contribute to the urgent disaster relief. I felt guilty for the multiple pleasure-driven adventures in the woods, for that extra 6-pack I’d buy at the store, and those pieces of outdoor gear I’ve been wanting. It’s so easy to justify those instant gratifications that temporarily satisfy the self instead of truly, genuinely thinking and acting globally.

The check-in with my friends after the earthquake quickly transformed that guilt into boundless motivation. What I’ve lacked in financial contributions, I realized I am capable of contributing through my physically being there to listen, learn, and do. It is an honor to have this opportunity to partner with the magical dream team that makes up Conscious Impact plus the dozens of volunteers who will be converging from all over the map to rebuild not only the damaged structures but also the human spirit of a global community. My friends and I recently connected with a team of videographers and have begun brainstorming ideas on a series of impactful videos and media to be published across our networks.

I deeply encourage you to look deeper into the current state of happenings by following the work of Conscious Impact​ through their site/Facebook/Instagram, and that of yours truly in the months to follow.

I personally believe that monetary numbers usually have little to no bearing on the true value of something. I believe in social capital, such as time and knowledge exchange, that transcends beyond this artificial system we have become desperately dependent on. That said, this journey is entirely self-funded and will put me off my paying job. I would be foolish to say that this is going to be self-sustaining. Thus, in the coming week or so, I plan to launch a personal fundraiser and sincerely hope you will take part in. And yes, especially for those who partook in the funding of my bicycle and farm trek in 2013, this will look and feel very similar.

This Thursday, August 13, I will be presenting at the beloved Beacon Food Forest​ the latest updates from my friends working on the ground in Nepal and a vision for the collective conscious impact we can create together. Event link: http://www.facebook.com/events/371114873098695/

For those of you interested in volunteering, please take a look at the available projects and opportunities in the coming months on http://www.consciousimpact.org/#!volunteer/citr

As my brother comrade Ryan​ who will be joining the collective efforts in Nepal this September and October, “my life is radical.”

It truly is.

Stay tuned, my friends.

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