Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park 2010

Fall 2010. Mineral King loop in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

5 days 4 nights of backcountry beauty. Strenuous climbs and elevation changes every single day, but rewarded with incredible views and staggering beauty every minute too. The park ranger stationed about half way through the loop told my friends and I that the Little and Big Five Lakes are some of the few remaining pristine lakes in California that one is able to drink directly out of without the fear of bacterial and other harmful contamination (she added that she has been drinking out of it all summer with no problems).

Below are only a small collection of the whole trip. Captions to come. I brought my first DSLR (Canon Rebel XT / 350D) along with the Tamron 17-50mm and Canon 55-250mm. The camera body may be a bit old even at that point, but still packs a mighty punch in delivering the image quality that still surpasses nearly all point-and-shoot cameras of today (should probably say at the time of writing, I suppose!).

Route map by another backpacker on at the bottom.

Stitched Panorama sequoia10_day3_044 Stitched Panorama IMG_0522_3_4_tonemapped (2) (16 bit TIFF) Sequoia_Pano5_16-bit sequoia10_day4_100 sequoia10_day5_048 Stitched Panorama IMG_0939 Stitched Panorama Photo credit: Jared Bendifallah Stitched Panorama Stitched Panorama Stitched Panorama

Mineral King Loop: Timber Gap, Five Lakes Basin, Sawtooth Pass at EveryTrail

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