Costa Rica 2012

Short solo visit to Costa Rica in May 2012. Took a Tica Bus from Panama City to San José, followed by a day trip to Volcán Poás, where I met several Californians who were studying Spanish in the town of Quepos. They were staying with a host family in town and offered me a place to stay, which I happily accepted. I had visited Quepos and Manuel Antonio in 2010, but it is such a beautiful place I absolutely did not mind a revisit! Their host family is super hospitable, always positive, curious, and open for good conversation.

IMG_7780 IMG_7782 IMG_7804 IMG_7789 Stitched Panorama Stitched Panorama Volcan Poas IMG_8900 Photograph by Jonathan H. Lee // IMG_8890 IMG_7770 IMG_8906 IMG_8930 IMG_8966 IMG_8972 IMG_9299 IMG_9667 IMG_9673

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