Time-Lapse & Videography


Video work is new to me. Since the beginning of 2012, I ventured into the realm of time-lapse photography, and it has been my bridge into the arena of videography. I have really enjoyed learning of the similarities as well as contrasting intricacies in the magic of quality filming vs. photography.

Superhuman (2016)

This video is a tribute. A tribute to wild places, friends, adventures, and to Seattle, my primary homebase for the past year and a half. I am thankful for wilderness, where we are able to unplug and recharge by an entirely different yet distinctively energizing way. Through time in nature, whether alone or in the quality company of friends, I have been a witness and admirer of the beautiful land and life that surrounds the Pacific Northwest through all 4 seasons. I am grateful for flowing water, for the elements, and for the indigenous peoples as well as environmental groups that have preserved this land for generations upon generations to enjoy. I hope this time-lapse video invokes a sense of wonder of our immense natural world, and inspires the exploration, respect, and preservation of wild places.
To say that it is difficult to distill the dozens of journeys and 60,000+ images in the Cascades, Olympics, and Puget Sound into just 3 minutes and 38 seconds, is most certainly an understatement. This video is the essence and result of hundreds upon hundreds of hours of planning, travel, hiking, hauling and setting up the equipment, dialing in the perfect settings, sleeping under the stars, (trying to) stay warm, fighting off mosquitoes, and nearly the same amount of time and attention in meticulously compiling all together.

Amazing soundtrack by: Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn – Super HumanBUY HERE: classic.beatport.com/release/do-androids-dream-ep/1492890

Conscious Impact (2015)

In the autumn of 2015, I traveled to Nepal to volunteer with my friends and many other volunteers in the village of Takure, Sindhupalchok, Nepal. I spent about 6 and a half weeks in the village, and several days in Kathmandu. Below are 2 videos I compiled together of our incredible, incredible time there working and living alongside the community members.

What is Conscious Impact? Conscious Impact is many things. It is community. It is love and kindness. And compassionate, selfless service. Courageous and beautifully, wholehearted goodness. Watch this video and hear more reasons why you should ‪#‎ComeToNepal‬ and join this wonderful movement for positive social change on our planet. Sign up today at consciousimpact.org/volunteer

This is it. Conscious Impact volunteer and community showcase video, by yours truly. The first of a number of videos to be created. This one goes out to all past, current, and upcoming volunteers. Shout out and gratitude to everyone – and I mean EVERYone – who has made this production possible. An absolute joy to work alongside and to photo/videograph all that we have done and experienced together. This video truly only depicts a small chunk of the full experience, in my humble opinion. Beautiful original music by Scott Hansen, Kael Shipman and Ryan Serrano. Additional credits – amazing volunteers, interpreters, partners, and community members of Takure.

G.R.O.W. (2014)

In May 2014, I crossed paths with Faa Sumitra and her friends in Thailand 2 months ago while hitchhiking at a national park just outside Chiang Mai. Their fascinating upbringing in a native Ahka hill tribe village and equally inspiring personal stories made it impossible not to visit their rural homes, nestled in the cloud forests of northern Thailand, off the grid, and more self-sustaining than any “civilized” western cities I have come across. I later had the opportunity to meet the children and staff of G.R.O.W., and spent several days living, playing, laughing, listening, and documenting the tremendous progress, vision, and love they have for one another, and for God. This is a story of Faa and her adopted children in Thailand. A story of compassion and of greed, of love and of neglect – the widespread issue of physical and sexual abuse of children are far too often untold, and to say that the short as well as long-term effects are serious would be an absolute understatement.

Older Work


Below are several time-lapse shorts I have created in 2013 from my multi-month bicycle and organic farm journey across the Pacific Northwest and U.S. west coast. Recommendation: full screen, sound on, and definitely in HD! The following is my attempt to condense 259 days of adventure, work, learning, and our connection with food into 5 minutes spanning across approximately 10,000 still images. Soundtrack by Greet The Mind (Soundcloud, Facebook) hailing from Vancouver, Canada.

The following two are the very first time-lapse videos I cut and edited together in 2012 using… Windows Movie Maker. They contain more and longer sequences than the ones which made it into the final cut of the bicycle tour video.

This almost 12-minute time-lapse is a more comprehensive compilation depicting my work and life at Rolling Earth Farm and Retreat on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, during Spring and Summer of 2013. Approximately 19,000 images were utilized in the making of this video.

And this last one was actually the very first time-lapse video I had rendered and cut together in July 2013. It is a showcase of my month working on 8th Street Greens and CSA, a family-run organic farm in north-central Washington state.


Sequoia & Kings National Park – a combination of time-lapse sequences and stills – a rough cut

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