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Video work is new to me. Since the beginning of 2012, I ventured into the realm of time-lapse photography, and it has been my bridge into the arena of videography. I have really enjoyed learning of the similarities as well as contrasting intricacies in the magic of quality filming vs. photography.

In May 2014, I crossed paths with Faa Sumitra and her friends in Thailand 2 months ago while hitchhiking at a national park just outside Chiang Mai. Their fascinating upbringing in a native Ahka hill tribe village and equally inspiring personal stories made it impossible not to visit their rural homes, nestled in the cloud forests of northern Thailand, off the grid, and more self-sustaining than any “civilized” western cities I have come across. I later had the opportunity to meet the children and staff of G.R.O.W., and spent several days living, playing, laughing, listening, and documenting the tremendous progress, vision, and love they have for one another, and for God.

This is a story of Faa and her adopted children in Thailand. A story of compassion and of greed, of love and of neglect – the widespread issue of physical and sexual abuse of children are far too often untold, and to say that the short as well as long-term effects are serious would be an absolute understatement.

Enjoy this 4-minute video by yours truly.

Below are several time-lapse shorts I have created in 2013 from my multi-month bicycle and organic farm journey across the Pacific Northwest and U.S. west coast. Recommendation: full screen, sound on, and definitely in HD! The following is my attempt to condense 259 days of adventure, work, learning, and our connection with food into 5 minutes spanning across approximately 10,000 still images. Soundtrack by Greet The Mind (Soundcloud, Facebook) hailing from Vancouver, Canada.

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