I am a photographer, social and environmental activist, adventure-seeker, and earth steward.

I am captivated by the sheer natural beauty of our planet in its finest moments. I seek to capture the genuine expressions in people and the human element of our built environment. I am fascinated by indigenous peoples and their intrinsic connections to the land, flora, and fauna.

During my university days, I became actively involved with grassroots, student coalitions to raise awareness on and act upon issues surrounding social and environmental sustainability. The involvement led to my belief for urgent climate action and in forming resilient, interdependent communities worldwide. After graduating, I had the opportunity to live and work in Panama, where I coordinated environmental development projects alongside empowered student volunteers and indigenous Guna and Emberá villagers. This was a pivotal period of my life as I learned the immensely complex realm of sustainable development while refining my art to expose global issues that matter, unique cultures worth learning about, environments needing preservation, and adventures that inspire.

My cameras and I have photographed weddings on tropical white sand beaches and our Milky Way rotating against the silhouettes of jagged mountain peaks. We have marched alongside grassroots leaders for environmental action, witnessed the healing process at an indigenous drum circle and the traditional dances for celebration, freeze-framed the most rewarding baby smiles, and battled water in all 3 forms from mangrove forests to high deserts in sub-zero temperatures.

I am humbled and honored to have had my work published on Viajes National Geographic, Grist.org, Gaiacraft, United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Global Brigades, Earth Train, GROW Worldwide, Beacon Food Forest, Great March for Climate Action, Wilderutopia, La Prensa Panamá, Maptia, and more. In autumn 2012, I hosted a photo exhibit in the historic quarters of Panama City and attracted hundreds of Panamanians and travelers on an evening where I was able to share my adventures and human experiences throughout the country. Through my photographs and stories, I was able to inspire others to respect as well as admire the places, cultures, and beauty our world unrelentingly offers. The experience brought tremendous joy, and I intend to continue the path of socially and environmentally impactful photography.

One of my latest passions is in sustainable food systems. In the growing season of 2013, I ventured on a 8 and a half-month bicycle journey across the Pacific Northwest and U.S. west coast to intersect learning, service, and art by being immersed in and capturing the intricacies of organic food production on various family-run farms. During my southbound journey towards (then-)home in southern California, I leveraged social media and photography to raise money via Indiegogo to support myself as well as the great work of 350.org and Conservacion Patagonica for the incredible work they have been doing on climate action and land regeneration.

Since the summer of 2014, I have been situated in Seattle, Washington and have continued my involvement with the local food system and permaculture transition alongside the great individuals behind the Beacon Food Forest, exploring the magical Olympic/Cascade mountains, while living a simple, low-carbon footprint lifestyle.

I am very much open to destination photography and special projects. My work is available for print – please inquire for pricing, delivery, and to connect directly with me, I would love to hear from you!

Connect: jonathan (a) subtledream (dot) com | Facebook | Instagram | VimeoLinkedInDCIM101GOPRO

Portrait taken by my mother. January 2014.



Photographing a wedding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, in November 2015. Photo by Liang Zhang.


At a climate rally against the Keystone XL pipeline in front of the Los Angeles City Hall in California. February 2014.


Atop the highest mountain in Borneo Malaysia, Mt. Kinabalu. April 2014.


Cycling down the northern California coast on a chilly autumn afternoon. October 2013.

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